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H e y ! 
I'm Rachel, the face behind everything Eaarthbones. 

I love all things nature, creating things, iced coffee, Gilmore Girls reruns, personality types and astrology (basically anything that helps me figure out who you are!), and of course crystals.

Born + raised in Baltimore, MD, I moved to New York City for college to study photography. When I came back home in 2015, I started making vegan wall hangings and dream catchers as a hobby. Two years later, I turned to creating ethical jewelry and here we are today! 

My inspiration comes from the earth, mountains, the ocean, mythology and stories passed down to us from our past generations. I love creating things that connect us to ourselves and the world around us. 

The name EaarthBones comes from the idea that crystals and gemstones are the energizers of our universe and the bones of our existence. Because we are such unique beings, one might require a different energy from another. The second 'a' in Eaarth symbolizes our earth we have now which we must treat with respect. 

All products are made with up-cycled, vegan, and ethically sourced materials which support small local businesses. 

Thank you for supporting my dream of creating beautiful, ethically made keepsake jewelry for you!
Keeper's Vintage
 805 W. 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211, USA

Maud + co.
https://www.maudandco.com                                                                                                        229 W. Read St, Baltimore

KSM Candle Co. 
https://www.knitssoyandmetal.com                                                                                              600 Clipper Mill Rd, 123 Baltimore, MD 21211

Crimson and Clover
https://www.crimsonandcloverdesigns.com                                                                              733 Deepdene Road, Baltimore, MD 21210 

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