• Your Top 10 EB Must-Haves

    We've put together a list of all of the styles you're loving right now and will want to wear ever day!
  • Retrograde Goals & Crystals

    We're starting a new thing and you'll want to join in! We asked you this week what you want to learn from us and man, did you all show up! We've been loving interacting with you all more since quarantine and feel this is the perfect time to learn more. We have so much information we want to share with you from astrology to psychology to crystals and plants, that we can't just put it all in one post! So, starting today, every week we'll be bringing on a friend and chatting about topics we think you'll enjoy!

    It's been a crazy 2 months, and while we don't know when things will get back to "normal", we can still find a little inspiration and community together. So welcome to our Stay at Home Series! Every week we're hopping on Instagram Live to chat on a topic. Don't worry, if you miss the live, it will be up for 24 hours! After that, we'll make a pretty blog post for you to read, filled with all of the important info!

    This week Eaarthbones Jewelry founder, Rachel King, spoke about our two May retrogrades, what that means for us, and the crytals we can use during this time!
  • Crystals to Use for Retrogrades

    We love using crystals in our intention setting and practices. Here's a few crystals we're using for the Saturn and Venus retrogrades. We're also adding a few must have jewelry pieces for all of your Zoom meetings that are perfect during this double retrograde!
  • We Plant a Tree in Appalachia with Each Order

    Eaarthbones Jewelry has always been a concentious brand, to paying employees fairly to working with only USA small business products to donating to local environmental non-profits and organizations in Maryland. This is why we are thrilled to announce that with every order, we will be planting a tree in Appalachia, which goes straight through Western Maryland, with One Tree Planted.
  • How To Wear & Style Threader Earrings

    We all know that threaders are the new jewelry trend in 2020, but does anyone know how to actually wear and style them? We'll go over how to put on, wear, and style all of our threaders. From hoops to dangles, we've got you covered!
  • Spring 2020 Look Book

    2020 has already been a wild ride, and now that the weather is changing and nature is blooming...you're stuck at home. We hope these magical images of our newest Spring Collection gems on our gorgeous model, Grace (@gazinggrace), give you some much needed inspo!


  • Order Eaarthbones Jewelry Wholesale from Faire Today!

    We're thrilled to open Eaarthbones Jewelry up to Faire, the easiest way to shop wholesale artisinal merchandise. Faire is an online wholesale marketplace connecting product companies and stores. They pride themselves on working with local, American made, small businesses with one-of-a-kind products, so we know we're in good company.
  • 7 Best Self-Love Crystals (And How to Use Them)

    In this video, I'm sharing 7 of my absolute favorite crystals and their magical secrets! If you have no idea where to start with crystal usage or a long time user, this video will share the best crystals for self-love healing, how to cleanse them, and where to put these crystals in your home! Let us know what other self-love crystals you use!

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