In this video, I'm sharing 7 of my absolute favorite crystals and their magical secrets! If you have no idea where to start with crystal usage or a long time user, this video will share the best crystals for self-love healing, how to cleanse them, and where to put these crystals in your home! 

Crystals in the video:

  1. Rose Quartz - self-love
  2. Rhodonite - love for others
  3. Flower Agate - fulfilling your dreams
  4. Amethyst - balance
  5. Clear Quartz - energy enhancing
  6. Selenite - removes blocking energies
  7. Herkimer Diamond - energy enhancing + high vibrations

Rose Quartz

One of the most well-known crystals in our world, has a soft feminine energy, perfect for bringing self-love energy into any space. Rose quartz is usually seen as a stone used to attract romantic love in a partner, but I believe you can not attract love if you do not love yourself. Self-love is the first step in attracting what you want in your life, which is where its quiet strength comes from. Use rose quartz on your alter, by your bed, or carry it with you, to remind yourself to be kind and gentle to yourself. I like to cleanse rose quartz in moonlight baths, harnessing the strong feminine energy of the moon. 

uniFlower Lace Agate also holds a strong feminine energy. Flower Lace Agate attracts love as well, but in an exterior way. It can be used to follow your dreams and the things you love in life. It is an action stone teaching us that we are strong and powerful in our own unique ways. 

Selenite is the best meditation stone. With its intuitive and celestial properties, selenite will give the user lucid visions and dreams, showing us the truth during meditation. Place selenite in corners of your space for a cleansed energy and clear mind and living space. Selenite can not be wet or it will start to disinigrate so I like to cleanse selenite with a sun or moon bath.

As always, crystal usage is up to you! If you're attracted to a stone, bring it into your life! If not, find something else that works for you! People put selenite in corners of their homes for cleansing, clear quartz to enhance energies in their spaces, amethyst for balancing energies, and rose quartz on alters to promote self-love. Let me know what other self-love crystals you use in the comments below!